MHP as one of the world’s most vertically integrated companies, thoroughly
controls the whole chain of the poultry production process. Using a vertical integrated business model, allows us to guarantees constant high quality standards for our products and full quality control during the production process.

Frozen and fresh chicken meat Convenience food


We use our own grains for feed production, enriched with protein, vitamins and minerals necessary for the health growth of chickens.

MHP cultivates 370,000 hectares of land, which is the 4th largest land bank in Ukraine. Own grain production satisfies 100% of the Company’s corn and 26% of sunflower needs.

Stage two


MHP is the only poultry producer in the world which applies the unique technology for producing protein from sunflower seeds.

This not only ensures cost efficiency but also complete quality control of the feed produced for our chickens. 100% of fodder produced at 4 MHP's fodder plants.

Stage three

Stage three. PARENT STOCK

The first stage of poultry production starts at poultry farms.

Both of MHP’s breeding farms receive one day-old chicks from the best German manufacturers, who become a parent stock for broiler chickens.

Stage four

Stage four. Incubation

Eggs produced from MHP’s breeder stock are transported to MHP’s hatcheries, which are located at its chicken farms.

After sorting, eggs are placed into an automated storage incubator which maintains the necessary conditions for the entire 21 day incubation period. After hatching newly hatched chickens vaccinating and after transferring to the poultry houses of broiler farms.

Stage five
Growing broilers

Stage five. Growing broilers

Our poultry farms run in a closed cycle.

Our enterprises, which produce chicken meat run in a closed cycle, include modern incubators, rearing sites, facilities for processing and feed plants. It helps us to control each production stage of the cycle, significantly reduce the risks of contamination and deseases at each stage of production, which in result allow us to make safe and quality products.

Stage six and seven

Stage six. Supervision and control by the halal cetrification centre*

Poultry slaughtering process is carried out under a constant supervision and control of the Halal Certification and Research Center.

Poultry killing is as quick and painless as possible. The blood flows down immediately. This method makes the slaughter more or less painless and prevents harmful substances from accumulating in meat.


Meat processing is also an integral part and a logical development within our integrated business model.

The Company produces a wide range of meat processing products. Chicken meat, produced at our own facilities is one of the main ingredients in our processed meat products – accounting for over 50% of its composition, the rest is beef, veal, and others.

Distribution to customers


Raw materials must be completely natural.


Products must not contain any obviously harmful additives or any substances that may turn out to be unsafe.


Animals that will be used for food must eat natural feedstuffs and be healthy.

* Halal requirements and adhere to these requirements:


No antibiotics or hormones should be administered to animals to accelerate growth or weight gain.


Livestock or poultry must not suffer during or immediately before slaughtering.


Blood must flow out quickly as possible to ensure the highest quality of meat and its safety.