About us

Qualiko is a brand of chicken products from one
of the leading poultry producers in Europe – MHP.

Сhicken meat production

Myronivsky Hliboproduct (MHP) is a vertically-integrated company, leader in the production of poultry meat in Ukraine with the greatest market share and highest brand recognition for its products. MHP owns and operates each of the key stages of chicken production process: from growing grains and oil crops, the production of fodder to production of hatching eggs and growing of broiler chickens, processing, distribution and sales (including through MHP's franchise outlets).

02Sunflower protein production
03Fodder production
04Breeder farms
05Hatching eggs
06Poultry production
08Meat processing

Vertical Integration

Using the vertically-integrated model, we are able to significantly reduce our dependence on suppliers and raw material prices fluctuation. Besides economic efficiency, vertical integration allows us to implement a strict biosecurity policy, control the quality of raw materials and final quality and the safety of products right up to the point of sale. To support its sales, MHP maintains a distribution network consisting of 11 distribution and logistical centers, within major Ukrainian cities. Usage of our own refrigerator vehicles allow us to monitor compliance with proper temperature control during delivery, which takes place within 24 hours after the final stage of production.


MHP cultivates one of the largest land banks in Ukraine: approximately 370,000 hectares in the highly fertile black soil regions of Ukraine. MHP is growing corn, sunflower, wheat, rapeseed and soybean. Corn and sunflower seeds we use at the MHP's feed plants in feeds production, while wheat, rape, soybeans and other grains we sell to the third parties.

Since May 15, 2008, MHP has traded on the London Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol MHPC.